I like to say "this is a philosophy, not a business". When you travel, you are in a strange place, with strange people, and sometimes strange customs. I am here to help you bridge the gap from your world, to ours. I want to help you truly see this city, be my friends, and learn about how similar and different we all are. This is Not Another Hostel, the only donation based hostel/homeless shelter hybrid in the world. 


Not Another hostel has been around since 2012, originally only focused on housing travelers. In 2015, I purchased multiple houses to be able to not only host travelers, but the homeless of Pittsburgh as well. The travelers are in one house, and the formerly homeless in another. Both are highly screened before acceptance, and I have had 4,000 guests without incident. The shelter focuses on helping families, as there are not many options for families to stay together in the homeless shelter system in Pittsburgh. They can stay for free for as long as they need as long as they are actively trying to get a job or save money for their own home. Usually people save up enough money to get back on their feet in 3-6 months.


       For the hostel, I believe that by charging a guest money, you start off with a business contract where you cannot truly be friends. With a donation based model, you build a social contract where we interact as people, instead of a business owner/customer. The hostel truly runs on a "pay it forward" model where travelers can stay for free, but have the option to contribute to help others get housing in the future, too. Unlike some donation based business models, I do not pressure donations in any way. I feel that all contributions should be organic and voluntary. 100% of donations go towards keeping the project running, and all donations are tax deductible under Not Another Hostel's 501 (c) (3) non profit charitable status.  I do not take a salary from these projects. 


Life can be a scary and dark place sometimes, but my belief is that at our core, "people are good". In a world plagued by violence and hate, it's hard to believe that sometimes.

Stay at Not Another Hostel, and let me prove it to you.


<3 Not Another Hostel